Cyprus Night Life – Fun For Everyone

The perfect way to end the day spent rambling around the ruins of ancient monuments in North Cyprus is watching the sun set over Aphrodite’s Rock. That done; it’s time to get a taste of the pulsating night life in Cyprus. With more than 20 casino’s nation wide, lively bars and vibrant all-night clubs, Cyprus offers a panoply of night life for nocturnal birds of all feathers.

For those who believe in Cypriot luck, this mini-version of Las Vegas offers plenty of opportunities to win that ever-elusive jackpot. Celebrated international entertainers make regular appearances at the casinos, making the night even more memorable than ever. You could choose to gamble the night playing poker or spend your time at the blackjack and roulette tables.

With some of the trendiest clubs and discos around, Avia Nappa, Limassol and Nicosia offer die-hard clubbers plenty of choices to party the night away. There are over 20 night clubs in Avia Nappa alone, many of which shut their doors only at 8 a.m. Some of the more celebrated clubs change their décor every few years, giving their loyal patrons something new to look forward to. World-famous DJ’s playing music to suit every mood, state-of-the-art dance floors, high-tech sound systems and chrome bars make Avia Nappa the reigning nocturnal hot-spot in North Cyprus.

There are numerous bars dotting the landscape of the island, each of which has its own distinct and different atmosphere. The sea-front promenade of Larnaca and the stunning harbor of Kyrenia are lined with several all-night bars offering different attractions. Choosing just one could prove to be difficult and you may just end up spending the night bar-hopping.

For those who like to spend all day and all night at the beach, every citiy and town along the Cyprus coastline, from Protaras to Polis Chrysochous offer plenty of opportunities to spend the time from sunset to sunrise at beach bars, sipping interesting cocktails with exotic names.


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